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My Philosophy of Networking

The journey on the road to becoming fearless networkers, even for the shy and timid, begins by defining business networking. First, let's define what business networking isn't.

Business networking isn't:

  • Dropping your card in a prize bowl at your favorite restaurant hoping to win a free meal
  • Handing out your business card to anyone who will accept it
  • Creating a list of people to call on in hopes of selling to them
  • Putting everyone who has given you a card on your electronic newsletter e-mail distribution list without a follow up program
  • Tacking your card on the bulletin board at your local retailer
  • Introducing yourself or being introduced to another person and not exploring a business relationship
  • Prospecting to get personal leads

Now, let's look at what business networking is.

Business networking is:

Diverse people, with diverse products and services, who understand and practice "give and take"

  • Developing mutually beneficial win-win relationship with others
  • Giving, pure and simple!
  • Relationship building with the intent to eventually share referrals
  • Promoting you and your good reputation
  • Building quality business relationships where there is ease, comfort, reliability and respect
  • Serving others without expecting anything in return
  • Being confident that the same people you are serving or others will serve you in return

Now! If you want the details behind these summary statements, you'll need to either book me as a speaker, or buy a copy of my book...OR BOTH! Believe me...all three options will be well worth your time and the investment!

Want more information? Go to the Table of Contents for the book Fearless Networking! Or, check out the Marsh Mantras (also from the book).

This web site also offers answers to "FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) about networking and specifically about this book.

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