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The Table of Contents

OK! You really have to see what is in the book? Well - here is the Table of Contents...which is kind of like tasting a chocolate cake by licking the photo on a cake mix box: Not very fulfilling! Reading the book is the icing on the cake...and it IS TASTY!

Business Networking Ebooks - Table of Contents

Special Bonus Section
         - Four Attitudes
Why Use This Manual?
How to Use This Manual?
Making a New Start as a Fearless Networker
About the Author

1. My Philosophy of Networking

  • A Practical Definition
  • What Is Serving or Giving?
  • A Willingness to Serve
  • A Life of Giving Back
  • Never Serve Alone
  • Oprah's Secret of Success

2. Taking the Stress, Anxiety and Fear out of Business Networking Event

  • A Sure-Fire Way to Fearless Networking
  • "What's in It for Me?" Attitude
  • "What Can I Give?" Attitude
  • "What's in It for Me?" Behavior
  • "What Can I Give?" Behavior

3. The Power of Self-Affirmations

  • Gaining Confidence to Become a Fearless Networker
  • Developing Your A.B.S.
  • An Example Self-Affirmation Talk (Using A.B.S.O.R.B.)

4. The Dos and Don'ts of Networking

  • Dos at Networking Events
  • Don'ts at Networking Events

5. A Proven Networking Track

  • Easing Anxiety before an Event
  • Easing Anxiety during an Event
  • An Easy Way to Memorize (Stacking Technique)

6. 5 Simple Steps On the Road to Becoming a Fearless Networker

  • The Only Tract You Must Master
  • An Easy Way to Memorize (Using A.L.T.E.R.)

7. The Attitudes of Fearless Networkers

  • The Attitudes Tract
  • Use for Reflection and Evaluation

8. The Behaviors of Fearless Networkers

  • The Behaviors Tract
  • Stacking Objects for Mind Picture

9. Networking is Easiest When . . .Observant

  • Have Fun with this Simple Approach
  • Networking Anywhere

10. The 60 Seconds Product/Service Presentation

  • A Word About 30 Seconds Elevator Speeches
  • Elements of a 60 Seconds Presentation
  • Developing A Power-Packed Presentation
  • An Example 60 Seconds Presentation

11. Marsh Mantras

  • Advice to Build a Network and Life
  • Inspired by Mackay Maxims

12. Effectively Using Business Cards as a Fearless Networking Tool

  • The Right Way to Use
  • Not Using these Techniques Can Backfire

13. My Secrets of Giving Lots of "Hot" Referrals

  • The Best of the Best
  • A D.W.I. You Can Be Proud of

14. Pre-Qualifying Your Referrals

  • The #1 Secret of Giving Hot Referrals
  • An Easy Way to Remember (P.L.I.E.R.S.)

15. The Top Ten Mistakes of Business Networking

  • Committing One of these Mistakes Can Have a Fatal Outcome
  • Each Mistake Has its Own Serious Consequence

16. How to Excel at Getting "HOT" Referrals to Come to You

  • It is What You Say and How You Say It!
  • Letting the Law of Reciprocity Work for You

17. Paradoxical Commandments of Fearless Networking 85

  • Words of Wisdom in Summary
  • Use for Reflection and Evaluation

18. Fearless Networking Interview Checklist

  • Powerful Interview Tips
  • Use for Reflection and Evaluation

19. Small Steps Leading to Exceptional Networking

  • Not Following these Steps Can….
  • Exceptional Networking Steps

20. "Dance with those that Brung You"

  • Keep your Network in Mind
  • The Quick and Easy Dance Information Sheet

21. After the Initial Contact

  • Establish a Record of Contact
  • Example Contact Record Form
  • Example Completed Contact Record

22. Preparation for Meeting the Referral

  • Preparation Will Make Both Parties Look Good
  • 4 Simple Steps in Preparing

23. Initial Meeting with the Referral

  • Success Tips for Smooth Sailing
  • Stand Up and Deliver!

24. Proposal/Action Plan Meeting

  • The Proposal/Action Plan Document
  • The Proposal/Action Plan Presentation
  • Post Evaluation
  • Summary


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