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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is fearless networking?

Fearless networking is boldly and confidently building relationships by focusing on helping or contributing to a prospective referral's business or job by recommending a member of your network to effectively resolve a pre-identified need or problem through providing their service or product. When recommending a member of your network, you firmly believe that even if the person you recommend does not eventually give you a referral in return, that the universe will reciprocate for this act of service above self.

2. Why are some people confident in some areas, yet reluctant to network?

Some people who are confident as public speakers or confident in social conversation may be reluctant to network because they equate networking with self-promotion and self-promotion makes us feel that we care more about our business or job than we do about the other person's business or job. Of course, fear of rejection may also play a part in us being reluctant to promote ourselves.

3. What is the number one way to reduce the anxiety and fear one has about attending a networking function?

The number one way to reduce stress while participating in a networking event is to change your objective of networking from what's in it for me to what can I give or contribute.

4. What are some tips to effectively utilize business cards when we are business networking?

  • At networking events, don't give out business cards immediately upon introducing yourself. This behavior can derail further conversation, other than cursory, polite banter about each other's business. Instead, read the business card you received.
  • Then begin a dialog using three simple steps: (1) Ask the right questions (who, what, when, where, why or how) focusing on needs, issues and concerns (2) Listen to the needs of the individual (3) Tie the needs to the product or service of your fellow networkers. Now, you can handout your business cards.
  • On the back top half of the business cards received, write the event's name, date, location and who gave you the card.
  • Jot down highlighted trigger words indicating the needs mentioned by the person you interviewed. Later transfer this information to your manual or electronic database on your PC or Personal Digital Assistant.

5. You mention in your book, "Fearless Networking!" about giving "hot" referrals to members of your network. What is a "hot" referral?

A "hot" referral is a pre-qualified referral that has determined a real need and a desire on the part of the prospective referral to meet with your network member whom you have referred.

6. What are a few tips on how to give "hot" referrals?

  • Become other-person focused when you are with clients, business associates and contacts. In my opinion most networkers are focused on what can I get, (the next sale or personal lead) and not on what can I give or contribute.
  • Become good at asking penetrating questions, who, what, when, where, why or how, to ascertain needs, issues and concerns.
  • Confidently and enthusiastically offer the services of a member in your network
  • Remember that giving "hot" referrals increases your joy and satisfaction of helping others grow their businesses.

7. You mention in your book, "Fearless Networking!" a concept called "dancing" would you please explain that concept to us?

"Dancing" is an important part of networking! A "dance" is a meeting between two network members. Usually this takes place at a member's office, a conveniently located restaurant, possibly for coffee, breakfast or lunch. The meeting is designed so members can learn about each other's product or service and to provide an "equal trade" arrangement where both can help each other, in the future, by sharing referrals. You can assess each other's commitment to service. You can plan to build a foundation based on trust and respect. Hopefully, you will become more comfortable with each other. In addition, you can establish the uniqueness of products or services and each other's competitive edge. Armed with this information you can confidently and enthusiastically recommend each
other's service or product to existing clients, prospective clients and prospective referrals.

8. What is the difference between selling and networking?

Although you have perhaps heard about relationship selling, in fact several books have been written about this subject. I believe that there is a clear and distinct difference between selling and networking, more specifically, fearless networking. Selling focuses first and foremost on getting a customer to say, "Yes, I want your product or service" or as it is known familiarly, "closing the sale". Fearless networking on the other hand focuses first and foremost on "How can I help or contribute to the growth of my network members businesses?" In my opinion, the secondary reason both the relationship seller and the fearless networker relationship builder has is based on this question, "How can I help the prospective referral solve his or her problem through the use of my product or service or my network member's product or service respectively?"

9. Can the principles and tips you provide in your book "Fearless Networking!" be utilized to network for a job or even a soul mate?

Most definitely! The same concept of helping and contributing to others first and foremost will help one build relationships with people you can count on to refer a prospective employer or soul mate to you. Now, the good news about both parts of your question is that 7 companion mini-books in the Fearless Networking series will be released during the late 2004 and 2004. The working titles of each mini-book follow:

  • Fearless Networking for a Job!
  • Fearless Networking by Personality Type!
  • Fearless Networking Cross-culturally!
  • Fearless Networking Intra-company!
  • Fearless Networking for a Soul Mate!
  • Fearless Networking-Name memory Made Easy!
  • Fearless Networking for Kingdom Builders!

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