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What Others Think About The Book & The Author/Speaker

It is often difficult to express directly exactly how I feel about this book, and the techniques, tips and easy-to-recall tools which will aid the reader in becoming a Fearless Networker. Since it is my project, my words often are of less importance to someone considering the use of this book. Therefore, reader, hear what others have to say about  "FEARLESS NETWORKING!", but first read my speaker testimonials, or view the testimonials video:

Business Networking Specialists

Ken was very inspirational and interactive with our attendees, leaving our guests looking at new ways to network within our industry. His workshop was fabulous!

Meghan N. Hoffmann
ISES New Orleans Chapter
February 24, 2011

I have known Ken for many years and have always admired him for his wisdom, dedication, creativity and writing skills. We recently had the opportunity to engage his services and speak to our ISES chapter about "Fearless Networking and Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking". He was entertaining, engaging, professional and very knowledgeable about the subject. I have read and attended similar seminars on the subject, however Ken's seminar was most helpful to me. I will be a "fearless networker and speaker" in the future, thanks to Ken. He was amazing and I highly recommend him.

Veronika Milsted-Levine
ISES Houston Chapter
January 5, 2011

Ken Marsh is a brilliant networking coach and a tremendous speaker. I've been privileged to attend Ken's workshops and to have him provide a mini lunch and learn at my networking group. Everyone in attendance told me afterward that they had each picked up nuggets of gold in terms of information that will make them better and more fearless networkers. I've employed Ken's techniques and they work!

I have no compunctions in recommending Ken's books, DVDs, blogs or recommending Ken as a keynote speaker and everyone who networks should attend one of the Fearless Networking workshops! Thanks Ken!

Jana Magee
Founder, SW Professional Connections (business partner)
February 16, 2010

I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation at the Brazosport Rotary Club Employee / Employer lunch last Tuesday. I invited 6 members of the Lake Jackson Emergency Medical Services. The director of Lake Jackson EMS, Fred Ortiz, was impressed as well with your presentation and asked me if I would contact you about speaking to a gathering of medical service providers. Please let me know your time availability and related expenses.

J. Arthur [Art] Vandaveer
Chief Financial Officer
C & E Investments
122 West Way, Suite 400
P O Box 307
Lake Jackson, TX 77566
February 20, 2009

Dear Ken:

I wanted to thank you yet again for your inspirational presentation on Tuesday, February 19th at the ExecuNet Meeting hosted by DBM. It was energizing for me given my current, more than one year long, transition from my legal profession from Michigan into Texas, and I continue to keep my skills sharp and portable until such time as I am gainfully employed in the legal market in Texas.

If I am ever able to be of assistance to you in any capacity, please feel free to let me know. Have a wonderful day!

David Kaczkofsky, Esq.
"Serving individuals and businesses with integrity, diligence, communication and personal service."

July 1, 2008


Enjoyed your workshop last night at Central Library, Ken. Even if you had had a break, I wouldn't have left; it was that interesting and entertaining. I'll be sharing your book with people here who get out to events.
Thanks again!

Don Moser
New Business Developer
Houston Business Journal

Mr. Marsh...

I hope you remember me... you've spoken at my office - RE/MAX Realty Center in Cypress and then my daughter got you to speak at the title company she was working for (I think you had a news crew following you that day!) You did an outstanding presentation both times - anyway...

I've been elected Chairman for 2008 for the 290/Cypress area HAR networking meeting...we meet the 2nd Wednesday of each month... I was wondering if I could book you to speak early in the year on Networking... Since our meeting are about networking you are the perfect match! Please let me know how you feel about this and which month suits you best! Thank you...I look forward to hearing from you....

Gayla Skates
Owner, RE/MAX Realty Center-Cypress

I just attended a luncheon where Ken Marsh spoke on his subject "Fearless Networking" and he was AWESOME! His philosophy mirrors mine EXACTLY on networking and it was refreshing to hear someone else have the same belief system as I do. He is very eloquent and his message was clear, informative and precise. I would HIGHLY recommend Ken to speak at any organization that wants to grow and increase the flow of referrals!

Joann Cooper
Certified Diet Consultant, Lifetime Health Connection (business partner)




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